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The Kentucky Domestic Violence Association's goal is to create awareness and help combat domestic violence in the Commonwealth.

* Provides a strong, statewide voice on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children

* Coordinates, in conjunction with other state organizations, an annual Violence Against Women conference. Administers a federal grant geared to increasing community awareness and providing information and education on domestic violence issues in rural Kentucky.

* Administers state and federal funds that go to fifteen of Kentucky's domestic violence programs serving as Primary Service Providers in the Area Development Districts.

* Provides training on various domestic violence issues.

* Maintains a Clearinghouse on domestic violence and related issues, and responds to local, state, and national inquiries relating to domestic violence.

* Advocates for state legislative initiatives to increase protection to domestic violence victims and their dependent children, as well as continuing to push for increased state funding for domestic violence programs.

* Operates a Certification Program for all domestic violence program staff requiring 30 hours of classroom instruction, required readings/viewings, and a mentoring component.

* Works with national domestic violence and victim's organizations on efforts to pass federal legislation impacting domestic violence victims and programs.

* Provides networking opportunities for program directors and program staff.

* Provides legal assistance to domestic violence program and attorneys representing domestic violence victims.

* Serves on a variety of statewide councils, committees, boards, and task forces related to domestic violence.

* Promotes public awareness of domestic violence

* Administers a federal grant to ensure the interstate enforcement of domestic violence protective orders including the development of a nationally recognizable protective order form.

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