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The KDVA Board of Directors has elected to create a collective account with Pacific Interpreters to provide ALL KDVA member programs with telephone interpretation services. This means that any person calling ANY member agency is ensured to receive services in her native language!

One component of our efforts to ensure equal access to domestic and sexual violence services in Kentucky is our KDVA/ KASAP Task Force.

The Taskforce is a working group of statewide service providers and community volunteers. The Taskforce was formed in May of 2001 and has been meeting regularly since that time.

The purpose of the Taskforce:

First, it serves as a networking group for its own members. We share issues, ideas and resources.
Second, it offers guidance, support and direction to KDVA and KASAP for the provision of advocacy services to battered immigrant and refugee women and their dependents, and to help facilitation the provision of these services within the immigrant and refugee communities in Kentucky.
One of the major accomplishments of the taskforce is a statewide survey of services being provided, or not being provided, to battered immigrant, refugee, and LEP persons. The surveys were sent to KDVA's domestic violence programs and KASAP's rape crisis programs.

From the surveys, some of the top priority needs of staff advocates were: Training - Immigration issues and cultural diversity and sensitivity.
Resources to support the staff.
Communication and collaboration with community agencies including law enforcement.
Language barriers
Bilingual / bicultural staff advocates
Access to trained, sensitive third party interpreters
Translation of Documents - for the agency and for clients.

The taskforce has begun to address these priority areas and is working with KDVA's and KASAP's board of directors and staff to help plan how to approach some of these challenges. Training sessions created from the response of the programs and the needs they expressed.

TaskForce Activities and Information

To find out more about upcoming meetings and activities contact Isela Arras

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