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Kdva Training Institute

The KDVA Training Institute was developed in 2004. It serves as a means to provide expert training on ending violence against women as it focuses on domestic violence and issues related to domestic violence. The Training Team is primarily made up of KDVA staff, all providing workshops and trainings in their particular areas of expertise. The Institute also collaborates with speakers and educators from areas related to domestic violence.

KDVA Training Institute offers the following workshops regularly:

Considerations for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children- This training is suited for anyone interested in building a strong foundation in understanding and ending domestic violence. It offers CEUís and is offered 2-3 times per year. It can also be offered upon request and tailored to the specific needs of the group. The workshop promotes a culturally competent system of care and focuses on the dynamics of domestic violence. It will also include: the effects of domestic violence on adults and children who witness, lethality and risk assessments, resources and referrals, reporting requirements, and legal options for protection and strategies for providing language accessible services.

Itís All Interrelated: Violence Against Women as a Form of Oppression- This is an interactive workshop that focuses on diversity and self awareness as it explores oppression through experiential learning. This workshop specifically addresses the link between oppression and violence against women.

The Institute also offers the following workshops upon request: Advocacy and Justice for Incarcerated Victims of Domestic Violence Domestic Violence and the Faith Based Community Domestic Violence and the Law Domestic Violence Expert Witness Preparation Training Language Accessibility The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: A Childcare Providerís Response *This training is conducted by a Childcare Credentialed Trainer The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: A Community Response When Violence Comes To Work

You can find out more information on these topics and others in the Resources section of this website. Please download the proposal form if you are interested in proposing a workshop.

KDVA Certification Program

The KDVA Training Institute also houses the KDVA Certification Program. This program is designed for new advocates working within KDVAís 15 member programs. It is specific to the certification of advocates and is not open to the public. To find out more information about this program, please contact the KDVA Training Coordinator.

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